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EDY provides a platform to visualize and manage digital models of civil infrastructure in augmented reality to optimize their construction and monitoring activities. Operators can visualize and interact with the information contained in the models directly on site. This reduces errors and increases work efficiency.
In the context of a Smart City, EDY offers the opportunity to make local infrastructure projects accessible to citizens. This promotes public participation and contributes to the socioeconomic development of the community by improving legality and transparency of administrative processes.


Luca Bertolini, Luca Di Silvestro, Antonio Napolitano

Luca Bertolini is a PhD student in Civil Engineering with a strong specialization in the area of road infrastructure and related data digitization and integration processes. His expertise is critical to the technical development of EDY's platform, ensuring that it is able to address real-world challenges in the field of civil infrastructure. Luca's experience in BIM and digitization is invaluable to EDY's technological evolution. Just in the area of infrastructure digitization, he has won several national research awards, including: Alberto Giovannini Award given by Webuild and Abertis Chair Award, given by the Abertis Foundation.

Luca Di Silvestro is the focal point for corporate strategy and business development. With an academic background in Strategy and Management, he has acquired crucial skills in business planning and defining strategic directions. His experience in multinational companies has enhanced his sensitivity to sustainability, which fits perfectly with EDY's vision. He also brings a strong focus on innovation and building strategic partnerships.

Antonio Napolitano is a PhD student in Civil Engineering with a specific focus on road infrastructure. He has a deep understanding of the technical challenges and needs of the sector. His expertise in digitization and new methods of infrastructure monitoring, including through BIM, is fundamental to EDY's technology development. Antonio is instrumental in the design and optimization of the platform, ensuring that it is state-of-the-art in both technological and functional terms. He is also active in the professional engineering field, having active collaborations with firms and engineering companies.

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