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iotilize.me - Smart waste monitoring system

iotilize.me - Smart waste monitoring system

iotilize.me offers a service to make waste collection more efficient and sustainable. This is possible thanks to adaptable, resistant, and rechargeable fill-level sensors for all types of containers. Waste management companies can access their data through a dashboard, which displays the fill status of each asset. The platform also allows for the optimization of collection routes using algorithms, reducing logistics costs by 30%, increasing productivity, and having a significant environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions

iotilize.me - Smart waste monitoring system

iotilize.me - Matteo Giaccone, Francesco Goberti, Francesco Castellano

Matteo Giaccone, 26, is a master's student in Engineering in Computer Science at La Sapienza University in Rome and has worked as a full-stack freelancer and in conference organization.
CEO and CTO of iotilize.me, he is responsible for both the administrative and technical side of the project, bringing his skills in IoT, Cloud and organization.

Francesco Castellano is currently pursuing a master's degree in "Technology Management, Innovation and Sustainability" at Sapienza University in Rome. In addition to co-founding iotilize.me, and being its CFO, Francesco serves as CFO at another startup, Newit srl, which has raised over €1 million in two years.

Francesco Goberti is a 24-year-old student at La Sapienza University in Rome and is about to complete a master's degree in Cybersecurity. He worked for startup Yhop as a full-stack developer on the blockchain supply chain of craft beer in Italy.
Co-founder of iotilize.me, he serves as COO where he is responsible for planning and logistics of all operational processes and research and customer contact management. He also brings his knowledge and experience in software development and IT security to the company.

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