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Multimodal Robotics

Multimodal Robotics

In this project the Center "E. Piaggio" will present the newest results coming from the most recent robotics projects in which its personnel is involved: EURobin, DARKO, NI. A special focus will be given to one of the frontiers of robotics research: multimodal robot provided with legs and wheels.

Multimodal Robotics

Centro Piaggio

The Research Center “E.Piaggio” of the University of Pisa is one of the oldest interdisciplinary research and technology transfer centers in Europe, devoted to the training of personnel for careers in Research and Development. Since its foundation in September 1965, the Center has paved the way for the convergence of minds by bringing together scientists from different fields of knowledge, ranging from engineering to mathematics, medicine and psychology.

The Center provides the state of the art research and training facilities for young scientists from all over the world, offering researchers from different backgrounds the opportunity to combine their expertise and know how to generate high-quality, innovative and translational advances in technological, scientific and humanistic fields.

The Research Center “E.Piaggio” has promoted spin-off projects, and it has opened laboratories and activated conventions with hubs of industrial technology in the region of Tuscany, such as those of Navacchio, Cecina and Piombino. Cooperating with private and public institutions to study specific applied problems that need advanced or innovative solutions, it provides an instrument to bridge the gap between academic and industrial research.

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