Exhibitors 2023



Frontiere was born from the story of entrepreneurs and companies that have been living the innovation market as protagonists for more than two decades.

At Frontiere we make innovation accessible by removing barriers inside and outside organizations, reducing the time to access new technologies by fostering business scalability for Medium and Large Companies.

New humanism, sustainability and accessibility are our founding elements, with attention to a valuable Digital Experience that combines aesthetic and design elements typical of Made in Italy. From Feasibility Study and Market and Trend Analysis, to Operations Management, through Innovation, Research and Development, we help companies conceive, shape and scale their business.

Frontiere is in the business of new technology-based consulting. At every step of innovation we work alongside our Clients by integrating their expertise on the consulting or technological aspects, which are strategic to make innovation possible.

  B19 (pav. 5B.19)
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