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Gesture-based human robot interaction

Gesture-based human robot interaction

At TheEngineRoom (TER), a research group at the Department of Informatics, Bioengineering, Robotics, and Systems Engineering of the University of Genoa, we focus on human-robot collaboration and research novel and intuitive interaction modalities to facilitate communication between the Human and the Robot. We are currently working to integrate different wearable devices into a framework for human-robot interaction. Furthermore, we develop hardware and software interfaces using gestures to mediate the human-robot interaction. At Maker Faire, we present the results of our work with an interactive demo. In our demo, you will be able to control and interact with Tiago, a bimanual manipulator robot, using gestures and body motions. In particular, you will be able to:

i) Use your arm motions to teleoperate Tiago to navigate the environment.
ii) Use your arm motions to teleoperate the robot arms.
iii) Send discrete commands through a specific set of gestures.

Gesture-based human robot interaction

The Engine Room

The Engine Room (TER) is a research group at the University of Genoa leaded by professor Fulvio Mastrogiovanni. TER carries on research in the artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic domain with applications in different fields, e.g., human-robot collaboration, task and motion planning, and human-machine interfaces. TER's network of collaborations includes both private and public institutions in Italy and all over the world.

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