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Martin Maria Aversa, Daniele De Simone - Vesvius srl

Vesvius - advanced in materials technology, advanced in respect to the environment!

  N.04 (pav. N)


The first solution in the world that lets you enjoy every glass of wine by enhancing the wine lover experience.

5^ A ET ITT "E. Majorana" di Milazzo

Our product APS 2.0 is an ALL IN ONE SOLUTION as with a unique system it grants a complete protection to all adverse weather conditions. It is not a luxury product, actually it is cheap. APS 2.0 is a protection for plants and its main feature is to intervene when there are hostile weather conditions.

  P.09 (pav. P)

Leonardo Bertelli, Luca Acquati, Federico Sarrocco

Argo is the personal robotic assistant for your home. A robot which can entertain but also be useful.

Antonio Frisoli

The new technologies of collaborative robotics.

Annalisa Santucci, Stefania Lamponi, Michela Geminiani, Ottavia Spiga, Giacomo Spinsanti

Dermofunctional biocosmeceuticals Ecological, safe, sustainable cosmetics, based on chestnut burr extract with beneficial effects proved in human skin cells, antiage, anti-pollutant.

Christian Cabrera, Licia De Benedictis, Roberto Bedini, Simona Ceccarelli

Biomercato is a network of farmers that creates real and digital markets exclusively organic.

  L.S.20 (pav. L)

Fatih Kazim Duymaz

Co Print is a multi-filament 3D printing module that enables all 3D printers on the market to produce multi-material models with a single print tip.

  C.05 (pav. C)

Rudy Semola, Davide Bacciu, Vincenzo Lomonaco

Continual Brain: Continual-Learning-based SaaS for different AI application domains is easy to integrate into devices and cloud systems.

dock3 - the startup lab

Discover the startups graduated from dock3, available to tell their story and to meet people interested in collaborating.

  D.08 (pav. D)

Terrence Briscoe

DOOR-GIENIC is the new mechanical system with hygienic functionality, to lock/unlock a door, without hand interaction.

Florence Robotics - Luca Bigazzi, luigi Pannocchi, Stefano Gherardini, Enrico Boni, Michele Basso

Drone Open-Source in grado di supportare applicazioni sviluppate dall'utente per la guida autonoma avanzata.


Multiscale and multimaterial 3D bioprinting technology that enables the biofabrication of heterogenous and hierarchical 3D cellular constructs mimicking biological tissues.

  L.T.07 (pav. L)

Giuseppe Cristiano Milluzzo

"Emergency Power Stop", EPS. Accessory for the safety of the pilot VDS flight, PPG and TRIKE paramotor category. It shuts down the engine if it starts at maximum number of revolutions due to a mechanical or pilot problem.

EveryBotics S.R.L.

The robotic bartender


Biasi Riccardo, Martini Filippo, Ninni Nicol, Zaramella Jacopo, I.T.I. "F. Severi" Padova PD, Italy, school of Mechanics, Mechatronics and Informatics.

Its an innovative, effective and ergonomic exoskeleton fixed to the patient's legs, using elastic bands, for assistive and rehabilitative purposes.

Tecnoseta srl: Massimo Proia, Maddalena Mariani, Antonella Della Bella

Filanda 4.0. A dialogue between tradition and innovation to rethink silk as a new "Made in Italy" excellence.

Guido Palombi, Manilo Caputo

Let's fight the food waste together! Yummy fresh food from your favourite food stores with unbelievable discounts.

Simply SFA

Test sight, smell, taste and touch and discover how these influence your choices, by playing you will make them become aware

  L.S.18 (pav. L)

Mario Soranno

Girasole is the first mesh sensory network that uses AI for precision agriculture, fire prevention and animal welfare

Matteo Fabbri, Riccardo Gasparini, Fabio Lanzi, Massimo Garuti, Lorenzo Baraldi, Simone Calderara, Rita Cucchiara

Video anonymization for next-gen privacy-compliant video analytics through Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision techniques.

  B.09 (pav. B)

Anna Young, Jose Gomez-Marquez, Holly Harpel, Rose Hedges, Nick Dodds

MakerNurses, Doctors, OTs and patients are building the future of health technology by using maker tools to create new technology to diagnose, health, and manage our health.


The telemedicine 2.0 tool for the monitoring of neurological diseases, through dysarthria analysis.


The screwdriver you don't need

  F.03 (pav. F)


Komposta is an innovative kitchen hood that is able to cook or transform fruit and vegetable waste into compost by harnessing the heat produced by the stovetop.

To Be Srl

The new horizon for fast, safe and sustainable connectivity.

  L.1.01 (pav. L)

Piero Lovato

Shoot your friends from a huge distance! And with an open-source, DIY, actual photon cannon (but they won't get hurt).

Alessia Lucentini, Alessia Poggi, Chiara Ghio, Cristian Bocciarelli, Francesco Guarino, Altea Poltronieri.

live. inspire. transform.

  L.E (pav. L)

Lokit Technology Srl

Micro Mobility Infrastructure providing parking, mobility and connectivity services in a single place.

  L.1.20 (pav. L)

Matteo Vettori, Lorenzo Bergonzi

MaCh3D brings material testing outside laboratories directly in industrial production as well as on office desks or school benches thanks to a compact material testing platform and an easier-safer-faster anyway accurate procedure.

  L.1.09 (pav. L)

Laura Pastorino, Donatella Di Lisa, Elena Dellacasa

2D and 3D in vitro models of brain tissue for preclinical research


A unique modular surface able to handle multiple software and devices in a versatile, easy and efficient way

Davide Tuzi, Gerardo Lando, Alessio Giliberti, Fabio Mastrocesare, Stefania Mitidieri, Roberta De Lisi

IoT technology solution which turns the streetlights into intelligent infrastructure

  L.1.14 (pav. L)


Pico Bricks is an electronic development board + software which is designed for use in maker projects. With ten detachable modules included, Pico Bricks can be used to create a wide variety of projects. It also includes a protoboard that you can use to add your own modules!

Studenti del corso di Meccatronica dell'ITS Smart di Fermo anno 2021-23 e azienda partner IOTALAB srl.

Sensorizing mice traps to know the behavior of rodents in real time and make the rodent control service more efficient.

Mirko Tumbiolo e Simone Fusco - classe V Elettronica - Scuola Superiore E.Breda Salesianisesto

We make your desktop portable: a revolutionary backpack with a wood fiber structure to mount your hardware.

Virgilio Maretto

From blockchain traceability to the talking receipt, this project aims to enhance agri-food products through new technologies.

ACTOR SRL - Startup of Sapienza University of Rome

An application of Artificial Intelligence for faults detection in textile production.

Trackting R&D Team

Trackting presents the first antitheft connected device to get alerted on your smartphone if somebody tries to steal your bike. Trackting Bike T7 is perfect for both bicycles and e-bikes: invisible, it has got a rechargeable battery that lasts over 1 year, an integrated GPS antenna to track the bike in real time in case of theft, and a multi-operator eSIM working throughout Europe (50 countries).

  L.1.21 (pav. L)


3D printing and sensorized wearables to improve performance and prevent injuries through biomechanical analysis.

Claudio Cagnazzi

Our kit allows you to lift, move and reposition furniture thanks to simple voice commands

Annalisa Santucci, Ottavia Spiga, Adalgisa Sinicropi, Elena Petricci


The Department of Excellence of Biotechnology Chemistry and Pharmacy of Siena University is a brand new Second Cycle Masters Degree in Sustainable Industrial Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (SIPhaB).

Settore valorizzazione della ricerca e trasferimento tecnologico

UniGe patents closer to market

  C.09 (pav. C)


Fermentation times, energy costs and environmental impact reduced by 30 percent

  L.S.26 (pav. L)
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