Exhibitors 2022

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Jellyfish Fab

An amazing experience touching waterbeads, growing them and making them at home creating your own colourful waterbead lamp.

  L.1.19B (pav. L) - Jellyfish Fab

Team del corso di Incoming Event Manager di ITS Turismo e Attività Culturali Piemonte con Annoluce sas

A new approach discovering a cities and finding their MUST SEE

  O.17 (pav. O) - ITS Turismo e Attività Culturali Piemonte

Metro Olografix

A Social Innovation and Circular Economy project, to overcome the boundaries of planned obsolescence toward a better future

  C.34 (pav. C) - Associazione Metro Olografix APS ETS

Università di Bologna - ARTEC (KTO imprenditorialità)

The University of Bologna, through its office ARTEC – KTO new entrepreneurship, spinoff, startup and Almalabor, aims at promoting and making a positive policy for the creation and the development of new business from the research and from the students’ knowledges. Developing and managing such activities to create new enterprises in synergy with all Campuses.

Federico Machetti, Albis Veli classe V A Elettronica e Robotica IIS Tito Sarrocchi Siena.

An IOT functionality offered by the network added to an electric wheelchair will get the Automated_Smart Weelchair, a tool to facilitate the daily life of disabled people.

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