Exhibitors 2022

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Jellyfish Fab

An amazing experience touching waterbeads, growing them and making them at home creating your own colourful waterbead lamp.

  L.1.19B (pav. L) - Jellyfish Fab

Team del corso di Incoming Event Manager di ITS Turismo e Attività Culturali Piemonte con Annoluce sas

A new approach discovering a cities and finding their MUST SEE

  O.17 (pav. O) - ITS Turismo e Attività Culturali Piemonte

Metro Olografix

A Social Innovation and Circular Economy project, to overcome the boundaries of planned obsolescence toward a better future

  C.34 (pav. C) - Associazione Metro Olografix APS ETS

Federico Machetti, Albis Veli classe V A Elettronica e Robotica IIS Tito Sarrocchi Siena.

An IOT functionality offered by the network added to an electric wheelchair will get the Automated_Smart Weelchair, a tool to facilitate the daily life of disabled people.

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