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Mauro Rossi, Vincenzo De Sena

A proprietary enzyme treatment of wheat gluten is effective in suppressing the inflammatory response in intolerant people without influencing its technological properties

Zrinka Valetic

Learn how to recycle plastic and do DIY bioplastic at home

  P.12 (pav. P)

Gianluca Cidonio, Chiara Scognamiglio, Federico Serpe, Martina Marcotulli, Salvatore DAlessandro

3D printing and Tissue Engineering for the regeneration of damaged tissues and the modelling of diseases

  B.20 (pav. B)

Gabriele Messina, Roberta Bosco, Davide Amodeo, Isa De Palma, Gabriele Cevenini, Ugolini e C s.r.l.

The nUVA light disinfects environment even at low intensity and is safe for people and animals.

Maria Cristina De Rosa, Davide Pirolli, Benedetta Righino, Chiara Camponeschi

New candidate drugs designed with AI_assisted computer simulations

  E.14 (pav. E)

Letizia Marsili, Enrica Franchi, Francesca Capanni, Laura Carletti, Ilaria Ceciarini, Guia Consales, Lorenzo Minoia

The blue crab is a Mediterranean invasive species: our goal is to turn this harmful presence into a valuable resource.

Samir Buzatu, Andrea Lombardo, Michele Ottaviano, Francesco Pilato, Christian Violo - ITET Rapisardi Da Vinci - Caltanissetta

A system consisting of a set of devices capable of analyzing the state of water pollution over vast geographical territories.

  P.14 (pav. P)


Multiscale and multimaterial 3D bioprinting technology that enables the biofabrication of heterogenous and hierarchical 3D cellular constructs mimicking biological tissues.

  L.T.07 (pav. L)

Marco Carminati, Anita Caracciolo, Davide Di Vita, Ilenia DAdda, Aicha Bourkadi Idrissi, Susanna Di Giacomo, Carlo Fiorini

Development of a gamma ray detector for emerging medical applications: multimodal imaging, Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) and Hadrontherapy monitoring.

  D.04 (pav. D)

Gruppo Scout FSE Pontinia1

The technology of yesterday, that of today and our idea of ??the future, trying in small gestures to make this world better than how we found it

OfficineApogeo, Costantina De Mitri, Luca Di Massimo

We will perform some chemistry, physics and biology experiments, useful to improve science teaching at school.

Studenti del corso di Meccatronica dell'ITS Smart di Fermo anno 2021-23 e azienda partner IOTALAB srl.

Sensorizing mice traps to know the behavior of rodents in real time and make the rodent control service more efficient.

Domenico Palombo, Patrizia Perego, Pier Francesco Ferrari, Bianca Pane, Giovanni Spinella, Bahar Aliakbarian

Development and validation of vascular prostheses with small diameter that are biodegradable, biocompatible, gelatin-coated, and engineered with bioactive compounds.

Elena Pierri, Nader Al Khatib, Sara Muscolo, Ermanno De Giuli, Elena Papetti, Mirko Pacioni

Training activities in a digital key, enriched from time to time by collaborations with educational institutions, universities and companies.

Annalisa Santucci, Ottavia Spiga, Adalgisa Sinicropi, Elena Petricci


The Department of Excellence of Biotechnology Chemistry and Pharmacy of Siena University is a brand new Second Cycle Masters Degree in Sustainable Industrial Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (SIPhaB).

Saverio Giulio Malatesta, Laura Leopardi, Paola La Torre, Roberta Manzollino, Paolo Rosati

The Hatrix is a collector of ideas, methodologies, prototypes and digital applications in the world of cultural heritage.

Mattis Eynard, Ela Bois, Jeanne Lallemand, Blaise Depauw, Lucile Cerda, Jules Jalon

We are developing an electrified mosquito net in order to offer an alternative to insecticide-impregnated mosquito nets, toxic for humans.

  L.T.15 (pav. L)

Ingenuity Labs Research Institute

Wonderful, wacky, and unusual robots wiggle and walk

  B.25 (pav. B)


Fermentation times, energy costs and environmental impact reduced by 30 percent

  L.S.26 (pav. L)
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