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Alla Maker Faire 2022 arrivano rombanti i robot didattici di MindSharing.tech.

Maura Imbimbo

Applications of structural restoration and monitoring of architectural and decorative elements. The innovative idea behind the project is the use of 3D printing for the realization of structural or decorative elements aimed at the integration of architectural and/or structural gaps of the cultural heritage, in compliance with the reversibility, durability and distinguishability of the materials. The project involves the development of an innovative production process, which, thanks to the use of eco-sustainable materials with high mechanical and thermal performances, allows the production of architectural components modeled on the geometric irregularity of the gap, structural performing and possibly instrumented to carry out a permanent post-intervention monitoring.

  D.28 (pav. D)

Marco Sebastiani, Giulia Lanzara, Sonia Marfia, Edoardo Bemporad

A presentation of the 3DINGLab of the engineering department, with 3D printing technologies from micron to macro scales.

3DiTALY in 2022 celebrates 10 years of activity as a professional network in Italy of services related to digital manufacturing. We are mainly focused on 3D …
  B.02 (pav. B)

Ilaria De Angelis, Adriana Postiglione

What is gravity? How do planets, stars and galaxies move in the Universe? Lets find it out together!

  D.07 (pav. D)

Mauro Rossi, Vincenzo De Sena

A proprietary enzyme treatment of wheat gluten is effective in suppressing the inflammatory response in intolerant people without influencing its technological properties

Amedeo Lepore, Pasquale Adobbato, Simone Bacci

ABACHOS - Automatic Back Home System - statospheric automatic back-home glider

  P.20 (pav. P)

ACEA is one of the leading Italian multiutility operators. Listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 1999, the company manages and develops water and electr …
  B.21 (pav. B)

Martin Maria Aversa, Daniele De Simone - Vesvius srl

Vesvius - advanced in materials technology, advanced in respect to the environment!

  N.04 (pav. N)

AGEvoluzione is an innovative SME that develops cutting-edge projects in the digital field by exploiting the enormous potential of the Internet and the most …
  C.20 (pav. C)

Feed Srl

The project aims to present the nowadays AGRICULTURE 4.0 innovations that improve the companies quality and save economic resources

Azienda agricola DI GIROLAMO SARA

Presentare le innovative tecnologie dell AGRICOLTURA 4.0 che consentono allazienda di migliorare la qualit della produzione e dei proprio prodotti, rispettando lambiente


The project aims to present the nowadays AGRICULTURE 4.0 innovations that improve the companies quality and save economic resources

AgriTech Futura Srl is an innovative startup company dedicated to the development of a hybrid tree, without roots and equipped with a built-in hydroponic sys …
  L.S.02 (pav. L)

Alessandro Zaldei, Carolina Vagnoli, Beniamino Gioli, Giovanni Gualtieri, Lorenzo Brilli, Federico Carotenuto, Alice Cavaliere, Tommaso Giordano, Francesca Martelli

Airqino, an innovative air quality monitoring system, integrated with low cost and high-resolution sensors (Humidity, Temperature, CO, CO2, O3, NO2, PM2,5, PM10). Data collected are shared, real time, on a web interface www.airqino

  E.14 (pav. E)

Alan Advantage is a Consulting Firm. We are active in the world of innovative startups, both as a Business Angel and as a Startup Studio. We offer our custom …
  O.20 (pav. O)

Tecnico Quadriennale ECS - Economia Circolare e Sostenibilit - Istituto Superiore ALBERTI di ROMA

Alberti Hybrid is a project for the rationalization of Energy Systems and Technologies in Schools applied in a pilot form at the Alberti Institute

  P.17 (pav. P)


The first solution in the world that lets you enjoy every glass of wine by enhancing the wine lover experience.

Giulia Colarieti; Lorena Trebbi - Saperi&co

Material palette of sodium alginate biomaterials

Michela Ceracchi; L. Baglioni, L. Carlevaris, M. Fasolo, J. Romor, M. Salvatore, G.M. Valenti;

The prototype to explore the perspective space: choose your combination, photograph the result, discover the principles of illusion in AR!

  D.24 (pav. D)

Vito Chiarella; Saperi&co

Reproduction of a brain aneurysm for planned surgery

The Ant Team

Ant Workflow is a CNC, an open source software, a control board, a lot of passion and much more. Basically, everything a maker needs to make electronic circuits.

  L.1.02 (pav. L)

Francesca Fiore, Universit di Trento, Associazione GLOW

Experimenting with 3D printing, laser cutting, milling cutters, vinyl cutting and more, introduced through an accessible approach and language

5^ A ET ITT "E. Majorana" di Milazzo

Our product APS 2.0 is an ALL IN ONE SOLUTION as with a unique system it grants a complete protection to all adverse weather conditions. It is not a luxury product, actually it is cheap. APS 2.0 is a protection for plants and its main feature is to intervene when there are hostile weather conditions.

  P.09 (pav. P)

Jellyfish Fab

An amazing experience touching waterbeads, growing them and making them at home creating your own colourful waterbead lamp.

  L.1.19B (pav. L)

Scuola secondaria di Carimate

ARDU-FRIGO helps people use their fridge consciously and save energy.

gruppo fermodellistico tartaruga

our project brings electronics to the world of miniature railways

  L.1.08 (pav. L)

Leonardo Bertelli, Luca Acquati, Federico Sarrocco

Argo is the personal robotic assistant for your home. A robot which can entertain but also be useful.

Giovanni Bernardo

Cheap and customizable STEM Robot based on Arduino Uno with parts printed in 3D and easy-available components.

Arrow Electronics guides innovation forward for over 180,000 leading technology manufacturers and service providers. With 2020 sales of $29 billion, Arrow de …
  E.01 (pav. E)

Antonio Frisoli

The new technologies of collaborative robotics.


ASCA develops photovoltaic energy harvesting solutions for connected objects and IoT, reducing the battery usage, while increasing functionality and autonomy.

  C.02 (pav. C)

Associazione AstronomiAmo

Automated system aimed to meteor detection, citizen science and Air Quality level

Audace Sailing Team

University project in Trieste. We combine engineering with our love for sailing, creating racing sailboat prototypes using sustainable materials.

Marco Balsi, Devamanohar Kumar Mallireddy

Seamless automation of a standard psychomotor test (9-hole peg test) with objective acquisition of performance and IoT networking

  D.25 (pav. D)

BrainLine, associazione interuniversitaria dedicata alla neuroeconomia

Arificial intelligence at the service of automatic user profiling in the financial sector

  E.02 (pav. E)

Idea e Sviluppo: BAIRES RAFFAELLI - Responsabile Scientifico: MARCO FERRERO

AVLA is a tool for designing inclusive cities, which welcome everyone equally, putting everyone on an equal basis

  D.31 (pav. D)

HPA - High Performance Analytics

Beyoond is a suite of ready-to-use AI modules for the sectors: Energy & Gas, Logistics, Environment, Manufacturing.

Annalisa Santucci, Stefania Lamponi, Michela Geminiani, Ottavia Spiga, Giacomo Spinsanti

Dermofunctional biocosmeceuticals Ecological, safe, sustainable cosmetics, based on chestnut burr extract with beneficial effects proved in human skin cells, antiage, anti-pollutant.

Enrico Santangelo (CREA), Silvia Arnone (ENEA)

Recovery and exploitation of organic waste through the bioconversion process operated by the larvae of the soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) - HERMES Project

Bioeconomy Village

What is the circular bioeconomy and what are the bio-based applications in everyday life? Visit the interactive house of the Bioeconomy Village to find out how the sustainable future is already a reality.

  L.1.13 (pav. L)

Classe 5A Chimica ITI Cannizzaro

The nettle fibers have been kneaded with calcium oxide and water thus obtaining a resistant product. The compound obtained was placed inside a mold that allows to give the brick the desired shape.

Christian Cabrera, Licia De Benedictis, Roberto Bedini, Simona Ceccarelli

Biomercato is a network of farmers that creates real and digital markets exclusively organic.

  L.S.20 (pav. L)

Zrinka Valetic

Learn how to recycle plastic and do DIY bioplastic at home

  P.12 (pav. P)

Gianluca Cidonio, Chiara Scognamiglio, Federico Serpe, Martina Marcotulli, Salvatore DAlessandro

3D printing and Tissue Engineering for the regeneration of damaged tissues and the modelling of diseases

  B.20 (pav. B)

Giovanni Inglese, Saperi&co

sustainable alternative for the production of phonographic discs

Gabriele Messina, Roberta Bosco, Davide Amodeo, Isa De Palma, Gabriele Cevenini, Ugolini e C s.r.l.

The nUVA light disinfects environment even at low intensity and is safe for people and animals.

Maria di Maro, Antonio Origlia, Agostino Palmiero, Alessandra Rossi, Silvia Rossi, Antonio Totaro

The project has been supported by the Italian MISE as part of the PON I&C 2014-2020, no. F/190066/01-02/X44. The project is led by Totaro Automazioni s.r.l in conjunction with the ICAROS center of the University of Naples Federico II. The goal of the project is the creation of a robotic platform capable of managing the tasks related to the management of a bar counter in its multiple aspects of interaction, manipulation, and personalization of the offered services.

BullyBuster Staff

A framework for bullying and cyberbullying action detection by computer vision and artificial intelligence methods and algorithms

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