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Communication and Musical Robots

Communication and Musical Robots

Buddy-kun is a robot that talks with everyone, instructs and guides singing and gymnastics, and plays musical instruments in kindergartens and nursing homes.
It takes advantage of AI and use speech recognition and speech synthesis to join the chat circle.
You can get information about your daily life.
It plays a leading role in recreational activities.
It can play musical instruments.

Devices such as a 3D camera, microphone array, and speakers are connected to a small PC carried on the back.
It has nine servo motors to move its head and arms.
It can express emotions by devising the lighting pattern of the LEDs.

Communication and Musical Robots

Tetsuji Katsuda

Tetsuji Katsuda is a professional engineer for musical software also motor and Sensors. Living in Kyoto, Japan and makes robots, original electric musical instruments, and art works as hobbies.

  L.2.03 (pav. L) - Tetsuji Katsuda

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