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SOF' up - Move your furniture with your voice

SOF' up - Move your furniture with your voice

www.sofup.it - ​​www.furnituredynamic.com - Move your furniture with your voice
A new era; the era of dynamic furniture
Our kit allows you to lift, move and reposition the furniture in your home thanks to simple voice commands
It offers something completely new, a new interactive, dynamic experience that will not require any physical effort.
It will increase the pleasure of living in your own home.
It will also greatly facilitate the cleaning of your apartment.
Furniture inside which our kit has been installed:
sofa beds
chaise longue
container furniture
low furniture
container beds
movements "hide tv"
and more ...

The automatic interaction between robot vacuum cleaner and our kit is being studied. In this way we will be able to propose a completely dynamic furnishing that will also include the autonomous and complete cleaning of the apartments or areas covered by our project.

SOF' up - Move your furniture with your voice

Claudio Cagnazzi

In working life: Executive Project manager at FASTWEB
In private life: creator / patent owner

  L.S.24 (pav. L) - Claudio Cagnazzi

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