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Pico Bricks is for everyone interested in electronics and coding. Beginners with no prior experience will find it easy to get started thanks to the modular hardware design, Scratch-like block coding environment, and simulator. Those with experience can dig more deeply into electronics or explore coding in Python. And even the most expert makers will appreciate how quickly they can explore ideas and create prototypes with Pico Bricks.



In 2010 Robotistan launched as a e-commerce startup by 6 friends in a university club. Their dream was gaining enough money for creating their own maker products and selling all around the world. Since 11 year they are still together and stepping the ladders of success with more than 60 same minded people who works together.

We develop new technologies, create products, write know-how contents, back inspiring makers, shoot fun videos and try new things and sell all around the world everyday.

  C.04 (pav. C) - Robotistan

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