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ASTRALE Automatic Meteor Detection

ASTRALE Automatic Meteor Detection

ASTRALE is a low-cost system (assembled and delivered at cost only) developed by the AstronomiAmo Association for automatic detection of transient events in the night sky, public involvement in classification of these events, and measurement of the quality of the air we breathe.
The system is based on a station to be installed, with or without a camera depending on the quality of one's sky, connected to a centralized system that enables live sky viewing, event classification, and statistics display.

ASTRALE Automatic Meteor Detection

Associazione AstronomiAmo

AstronomiAmo Association is an association aimed at astronomical popularization and raising awareness of climate and environmental issues. Founded in 2014, it represents an important meeting point for professionals and enthusiasts of astronomical subjects, organizing webinars, conferences, meetings under the sky and developing its own algorithms and systems to achieve its statutory purposes.

AstronomiAmo now counts over 200 Members throughout Italy and collaborates with Universities and Research Institutions throughout Europe.

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