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Filanda 4.0_Zagarolo

Filanda 4.0_Zagarolo

The "Filanda 4.0_Zagarolo" project stems from historical research on Italian silk culture, attesting to the importance of this activity for the economy of the national territory, including Zagarolo, in past centuries and up to the two World Wars. Hence the recovery of skills in the field of sericulture and the development of an innovative and completely Made in Italy silk thread production system: a set of integrated function machinery, which carries out all the production steps and communicates with the operator via IoT system for control of the supply chain even remotely. The silk thread produced is handcrafted "bobbinlace" to make precious laces.

Filanda 4.0_Zagarolo

Tecnoseta srl: Massimo Proia, Maddalena Mariani, Antonella Della Bella

MASSIMO PROIA: Co-founder Tecnoseta.

  • Management of mulberry and sericulture.

  • R&D in automation systems for sericulture.

  • CAD and PCB design.

  • 3D modeling.

MADDALENA MARIANI: Co-founder Tecnoseta.

  • Management of sericulture and production processes of silk thread.

  • Project Manager.

  • Communication and Marketing Manager.

Premio Alamo, 2019 Edition, 1st Prize with the "Silk Chain" project.
Premio Italia Giovane, 2020 Edition, for the "Made in Italy and Ancient Crafts" sector.

ANTONELLA DELLA BELLA: Co-founder Tecnoseta.

  • Administration and Management.

  • Responsible for testing the silk thread.

  • Responsible for the production of bobbin lace.

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