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Albicchiere - Enjoy every glass of wine

Albicchiere - Enjoy every glass of wine

Enjoy every glass of wine, anytime you want.
Albicchiere is the first all-in-one solution in the world that lets you meet new wines and discover the hidden flavors and aromas of the ones you already know by enhancing the wine lover experience.

With the Albi family of Smart Wine Dispensers, you can taste your wine at the ideal temperature and preserve it for up to 6 months. Change wine whenever you want with no hidden cleaning and service charges. Albi can connect to your smart home and make your experience unique thanks to the information on the display, the app, and the voice assistants.

Albicchiere - Enjoy every glass of wine


Albicchiere's story begins in 2017.
Massimo and Diego have been working together for more than 10 years dealing with the conception and design of innovative products.
After the presentation of the concept, the startup immediately received a lot of interest, so much so that it was awarded the CES 2020 Innovation Award in Las Vegas, at the most important consumer electronics event in the world.
The first model, Albi Home M, was launched with a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform and soon after on Indiegogo. The campaign reached a total of more than 1000 supporters in 61 countries.

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