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The "Automated Smart Wheelchair" project is an IOT project born within the "Tito Sarrocchi" IIS in Siena to add features not present on an electric wheelchair.

The first step was to replace the joystick, used to move the chair, by a self-built microcontroller board (ArduinoNANO) and a DAC capable of replicating the voltages it produced.

Subsequently via a bluetooth connection it was possible to pilot the chair via a tablet or mobile phone remotely without the active contribution of the passenger, as is the case with quadriplegics. Moreover, using sensors (TOF) is possible to avoid the obstacles and follow the walls of a corridor.

This project was developed with the contribution of the Rotary Club Siena Montaperti.(https://rotarymontaperti.it/)

IIS Tito Sarrocchi is part of the Tuscan Robotics Network: http://www.roboticatoscana.it/


Federico Machetti, Albis Veli classe V A Elettronica e Robotica IIS Tito Sarrocchi Siena.

They are a group of enthusiasts who have always been passionate about robotics, new technologies, digital manufacturing and the movement of makers.

Since the third year they have participated in all the activities offered by the school such as Bright (Researchers' Night), SAIHUB (Siena Artificial Intelligence HUB) and any other activity related to the world of electronics in the broadest sense.

They enthusiastically participated in this project, sharing in the group their creativity, inventiveness and passion for digital manufacturing.

The students in alphabetical order are Bartalini Davide, Lucia Leonardo, Machetti Federico, Papini Niccol, Pittalis Elia and Veli Albis.

The project was developed under the supervision of prof. Andrea Gorelli teacher of electronics and robotics of the IIS Tito Sarrocchi of Siena.

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