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Kineboard is a wireless module for balance boards. A powerful tool for physiotherapy and rehabilitation which allows to collect data and play a videogame based on your therapy targets. Based on Arduino, it's a low cost solution for small clinics and gyms.

Kineboard is installable on any kind of balance board and supports the muscular reeducation of the patient by giving feedbacks and specific exercises based on the aspects to improve. On the Kineboard platform is possible to collect data, create reports, track therapy progress and try new games directly on your smartphone or tablet!


Marco Ferrantini

Front End Developer with a passion for travels and music, Marco knew from an early age what he would be in the future. The world of graphics and visual design he has always found intriguing. Marco considers his job a perfect mix of what he loves – testing his creativity while offering new challenges in innovation. To unwind, he uses music to express himself, and can often be found playing the electric bass.

  L.T.14 (pav. L) - Marco Ferrantini

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