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BRILLO - Bartending Robot for Long Lasting Operations

BRILLO - Bartending Robot for Long Lasting Operations

The project has been supported by the Italian MISE as part of the PON I&C 2014-2020, no. F/190066/01-02/X44. The project is led by Totaro Automazioni s.r.l in conjunction with the ICAROS center of the University of Naples Federico II. The goal of the project is the creation of a robotic platform capable of managing the tasks related to the management of a bar counter in its multiple aspects of interaction, manipulation, and personalization of the offered services. To this end, the robotic system will be created to automate the manufacturing processes, but also to dynamically manage the interaction with the human customers, so creating a system that is easy and pleasant to use. The robot will be able to perform two simultaneous manipulation tasks, dynamically selected. Issues related to the modeling of the interaction between the user and robotic bartender in terms of personalization of the interaction for an effective and long-lasting use of the offered services will be addressed. Interaction with the robot will also take place through a remote-control mode to program the robot for a new task or help it to cinematically reconfigure itself from a failure situation.

Maria di Maro, Antonio Origlia, Agostino Palmiero, Alessandra Rossi, Silvia Rossi, Antonio Totaro

Totaro SRL operates in the field of mechanics and industrial automation offering design, production, installation, assistance, and maintenance services for systems and machinery to many Italian and foreign companies, offering a wide range of proposals and solutions including automatic machines, special lines, and turnkey plants designed to optimize production processes, also thanks to important partnerships.
The ICAROS center of University of Naples Federico II is represented by the PRISCA Lab research group (Projects of Intelligent Robotics and Advanced Cognitive Systems) that is part of the ICAROS centre. PRISCA Lab is a multidisciplinary group with people from computer science, psychology and computational linguistics. Its research expertise includes Artificial Intelligence, HRI, Machine Learning for Human State Recognition, Speech Perception in Humans and Machines, Speech Dialogue Systems and User Profiling. The group has expertise in conducting HRI experiments in both social as well as industrial settings. www.prisca.unina.it

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