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MiniSweetMaker was born first of all to demonstrate how an idea can become reality thanks to the possibilities made available by digital technologies and the exchange of information, every day more and more within everyone's reach.

From the automation implemented through an Arduino-based microcontroller and codes recovered from the network or written from scratch, to the 3D printing of ad hoc components, to the self-production of structural parts using aluminum profiles and acrylic glass panels, to the conception and realization of a gearmotor with recovery of gears from unused printers, MiniSweetMaker represents the perfect example of what a Maker can do.

The second reason, but no less important, why MiniSweetMaker was born, is to have a system for the automatic production of fried sweets always at hand.


Gianluca Patrassi

Electrical engineer passionate about new technologies, automation, construction and ... sweets of course

  L.A (pav. L)
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