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Robot Assist - Assistente robotico ospedaliero

Robot Assist - Assistente robotico ospedaliero

Robot-Assist is a robotic assistant developed to playfully administer therapies and meals to young patients. The proposed project was born during a Robotics School-Work Alternation course at the Ferraris Buccini Marcianise Technical Institute (CE) with the aim of building a robot to participate in the 2022 Robotics Olympics in the "Robot for personal assistance" category "
that could assist the humanoid robot Pepper in delivering therapies and meals to the smallest hospital patients. At the end of the Olympics, the robot received the "Omron Robotics" award.

In addition to medical care, children admitted to hospitals also need positive stimuli that reassure them and accompany them during their hospitalization and various therapies. The direct interaction of the little patients with our robot establishes a friendly relationship and transforms the visits and the administration of therapies into a game that, with lights and sounds, makes the various phases of hospitalization more carefree. Robot-Assist is able to work both autonomously and remotely by an operator, interfacing with a Smartphone, a Tablet or a PC.

Our robot is able to monitor the temperature, heart rate and oxygen levels of the blood and transfer them to a wifi connection. It then provides for the distribution of meals and the administration of drugs based on the person identified, so as to minimize human error. It is also capable of reaching an assigned point within a building while avoiding objects and people.

Robot Assist - Assistente robotico ospedaliero

DAM Bros Robotics

DAM Bros Robotics is a Campania association engaged in the research, development and dissemination of robotics and its variations. The idea of ??putting together a team was born a few years ago from the passion for technology and experimentation of a group of engineering students (the brothers Marco, Donato and Mauro D'Ambrosi and the friend and colleague Alessandro Pauciulo) to whom other professionals have joined over time.

One of the main driving forces behind the group is the passion for technology and its use for the common well-being. Let's try to break down the distrust of many Italians towards innovation by disseminating robotics and new technologies in the area, to increase digital literacy and improve the quality of life, with a particular focus on disabilities.

We share our passion with others through demonstrations during public events or in schools, institutions and companies and with workshops and practical training activities that we carry out throughout the national territory. We actively collaborate in the dissemination of robotics with the Fablabs of Naples and Turin. DAM Bros Robotics has also participated in several editions of the Maker Faire Rome and Turin. He also helped organize some editions of Arduino Day in various provinces of Campania.

Several initiatives we have undertaken also cross national borders such as
Robotics Competition Opening Presentation - Beacon House School, Pakistan
RAM prosthesis improvement (Rise Ad Move prosthesis) - Starkhouse, Nigeria
Supply of Educational Robotics Kit for Workshop - Nusrec Conference, Nigeria

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