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FerroPets: Arduino Powered Ferrofluid Robots

FerroPets: Arduino Powered Ferrofluid Robots

FerroPet is a USB-powered multi-color device with a dancing ferrofluid blob fixed in the center. You can change the blobs color and dancing style through an included remote control depending on your mood. Furthermore, you can play with external magnets to see how the magnetically polarized ferrofluid reacts to your external magnets. The device operates at only half a watt of power, so you can feel comfortable leaving it running without any problems with over heating. Last but not least, our unique coating and plastic shell mean it's safe for kids to engage with and explore its behaviour around external magnets!

FerroPets: Arduino Powered Ferrofluid Robots

Jellyfish Fab

Lucas Zeer
Canadian engineer with a background in Nanotechnology Engineering. A futurist who is motivated to make technology more accessible to people of all demographics. Constantly explores cutting edge technologies, and has a love for sharing his findings with everyone.

Cristina Osornio
Mexican designer with a background in Industrial Design. Likes to push boundaries when it comes to technical and creative skills. Has a particular preference for developing industrial projects with a social focus.

Yue Liu
Chinese designer with a background in Product Design. Eager to explore the potential of advanced technologies and their infinite applications. Loves to work with interactive objects, immersive experiences and digital services.

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