Exhibitors 2022



The project consists of a wearable device that allows one to move through space in conditions of blindness or in environments with almost zero visibility.

The device is able to detect nearby obstacles thanks to ultrasonic sensors that cover the entire visual field of a human being.
By using haptic feedback motors, the device sends signals to indicate the presence of obstacles, varying its frequency according to the proximity of the obstacles in question.

The device behaves differently if the user is in an open space, giving priority to the nearest relevant obstacle.

Possible falls of the user are also detected and signaled through an acoustic signal to any passersby so they can help .

When stowed away, the viewer autonomously disables the feedback functions toward the user and it enters a inactivity state.


Di Domenico Immacolata Alessia, Andreotti Michela, Avitabile Alessio, Frettoni Lucia.

We are a team of four students from the Faculty of Computer and Automatic Engineering of the La Sapienza University of Rome.
We are passionate about robotics and we thought we would use our knowledge to create this viewer, hoping it will be of help for people with visual impairments.

  D.23 (pav. D)
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