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designed for cancer patients

designed for cancer patients

The observation of the mood fluctuation is found most possibly from having to take medicine and go to the hospital. Due to the edema of the arm after the lymphatic removal.

Because of breast cancer, the patient has to do a mastectomy, which inevitably affects the lymphatic system. It is the lymphatic excision that causes the edema of the arm.

The product is designed for promoting blood circulation. The concept is about separating the product into two layers, it is a test on elastic cloth applying and wants to express a kind of armor combination of strength and beauty, elegance and power. It is also a kind of medical compressive arm-sleeve.

Velcro armband changeable or something growth material, think of the life cycle and put a force on the big arm. Zip as the folden system to expand

designed for cancer patients

chaoyan sun; Angela Giambattista;

Chaoyan sun, Mater of science in Product Design

  D.23 (pav. D)
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