Exhibitors 2022


Relio "R": open-source multispectral illumination device

Relio "R" is the first multi-spectral lighting platform developed in Open-Source technology based on Arduino.
It allows to illuminate artworks with white, colored, ultraviolet and infrared light to reveal their flaws, secrets and peculiarities invisible to the naked eye.
We will show how the use of "Maker" technologies and "Open" development philosophies based on 3D printing, sharing of firmware, 3D models and public APIs allow a tiny Italian startup to work at the service of large and prestigious scientific and cultural institutions all around the world.
This project, indeed, is developed in collaboration with Cabinet of Scientific Research of the Vatican Museums.
We want to promote the use of Open-Source technologies in ultra-professional fields, because we believe that knowledge brings new knowledge, and that sharing is the main engine for a honest and respectful technological growth.


Relio Labs

Marco, as a child, wanted to be an inventor. Marco, now grown up, is an inventor.

He's the owner of Relio Labs, an Italian startup that operates in the field of scientific lighting.
He does everything by himself: he invents, designs, engineers, programs, prototypes, manufactures, assembles, prints, advertises, sells, ships, and divulges his products worldwide.

A fierce advocate of Open Source and technological sustainability, he helps startups and big-corps in their internal research and development processes, overseeing the launch of innovative products and services.

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