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UP Create 3

UP Create 3

UP Create 3 is an opensource robot based on iRobot Create 3, Intel Realsense D435 and AAEON's UP6000.
It allows to easily obtain 3D SLAM and machine vision tasks and works on ROS2 and Ubuntu.
The robot can explore totally autonomously environments and create 3D maps.

Come to Pizza Robotics booth to learn more and discover other robots!

UP Create 3

Giovanni di Dio Bruno

I am a MD automation engineering and robotics student at University of Naples Federico II.
I also take part at open source world doing stuffs in a lot of associations like NALUG.
In 2021, I co-founded the "Pizza Robotics" collective!
Principally I love to build robots but I also like to build trash stuffs.

  D.19 (pav. D) - Pizza Robotics

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