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In an increasingly connected world, the usage of smart devices makes important benefits on the life quality (smart cities) and on the efficiency of production processes (smart industries, agricolture and manufacturing).
Using Internet of Things, meaning sensors and actuators linking to the Net complex systems like the one used by municipalities, companies and industries, allows monitoring and maintenance operations aimed at full efficiency with the goal of grant maximum levels of security, production quality and services continuity.
Eventual interruptions of the production processes caused by failures causing the need of extraordinary maintenance represent for the companies a significant impact cost.
Arancino.AIis SmartMe's software and hardware allowing production companies to evolve towards new needs and priorities (from Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0).
Arancino.AIkeeps the health status of the industrial system taking account of resilience into unforeseen issues, of sustainability in order to intervene only on worn out components, and of the centrality of the operators taking care of not to alter quality, security and the impact on the workplace (longlife maintenance).
For each application,Arancino.AIcreates a customized algorithm providing information capable of diagnose the problem and knowing the gravity, allowing to intervene in real time and preventing in this way failures that can affect production processes and superfluous costs about damaged parts substitution.
Arancino.AIsimplifies the Cloud-IoT interactions and facilitates Cyber Physical System, in addition exploits edge and fog computing perfectly adapting to artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.
Developed technology meets then the needs of Smart Factories, improving every kind of production sustainability and processes maintenance.
At the same time, adoptingArancino.AItechnology within urban regeneration projects allows to operate on traffic flow monitoring, air quality, people safety.


Angelo Zaia, Dario Bruneo, Francesco Alessi

Angelo Zaia
Is co-founder, legal representative and President of SmartMes BoD. Graduated in electronic engineering at Universit degli Studi di Messina, he achieved the PhD in Advanced Technologies for Information Engineering thanks to his research activities backed up by several publications on scientific journals and international congresses. From 2019 is registered to Ministry of Economic Developments list of managers and societies enabled to provide specialist consultancy to SME and business networks aimed at supporting innovation processes in the areas of digital technology transformation, modernization of managerial and organizational structures, access to Financial and Capital Markets. From 2017 is the chief executive officer of SmartMe, innovative start-up and academic spin-off, society working in the Smart Environments and Cities fields.

Dario Bruneo
Graduated in computer engineering at Universit degli Studi di Palermo in 2000. He worked as researcher at the research and development laboratory of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.. In 2005 he achieved the PhD in Advanced Technologies for Information Engineering at Universit degli Studi di Messina where he actually is an associate professor at the engineering department. Dario Bruneos research activity has been focused on studying distributed systems with particular regard at advanced services supply management, use of analytical modelling formalisms and investigation on performance evaluation techniques. Also a co-founder of SmartMe.

Francesco Alessi
Graduated in electronic engineering at Universit degli Studi di Messina, he subsequently matured a brilliant experience in electronic design and production. He contributed to the development of innovative projects and products in the field of Smart Cities and Industries. He is now Hardware Development, Production and Supply Manager for SmartMe, of which it is also associated.

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