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fermented vegetables

fermented vegetables

Vegetable preserves must be acidified to prevent botulinum risk. Usually vinegar or acidity regulators are used (citric acid, lactic acid, acetic acid) which alter the organoleptic characteristics or dirty the label. FOSAN is developing acidification techniques by lactic fermentation that improve the organoleptic and nutritional quality keeping the label clean. We use Lactobacilli (Rhamnosus and Plantarum) and/or microflora extracted from the same vegetables to ferment aubergines, peppers, pumpkins and courgettes and purple potatoes cultivar Vitelotte

fermented vegetables

Francesco Maria Bucarelli / Claudia Atorino

Francesco Maria Bucarelli born in Rome on 04/10/1966, Chemist Specialist in Food Science. He directs the FOSAN Foundation for the Study of Food and Nutrition. Main research areas: functional foods, agri-food biodiversity, unconventional food technologies.

Claudia Atorino, born in Naples on 25/08/1995; Doctor of Agro-Industrial Biotechnology, specializing in Food Science and Technology at the University of Rome La Sapienza. She collaborates with FOSAN in the following areas: fermentation technologies applied to bulbs and Mediterranean summer vegetables; scientific dissemination and food education.

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