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R[3]Circle - Riuso Riciclo Rigenero returns to Maker Faire Rome to introduce the new talents of sustainable Made in Italy. From 7 to 9 October, in the spaces of the Gazometro via del Commercio, it will be possible to know the profiles, works and collections of four Altaroma nursery brands.
In the spaces of one of the most iconic industrial spaces of the capital, right in one of the suggestive silos, it will be possible to discover the collections of:

  • Eleonora Riccio, a clothing brand that creates garments dyed with pigments extracted from flowers and plants;

    • Ferilli Eyewear, which makes glasses with the fibres of prickly pear blades;

    • ID-EIGHT, which makes shoes with fruit waste;

    • Krocette, a brand of sustainable bags.

Innovative processes and materials, care and social responsibility, and attention to the environmental impact are just some of the aspects that revolve around the sustainability of the fashion system and are the basis of the philosophy of the brands involved, which adhere to this new edition of the project promoted, from Altaroma in collaboration with Maker Faire Rome.



Passionate about botany, Eleonora Riccio has focused her research on colour. So much so that after several experiences in brands such as Gianfranco Ferr and Salvatore Ferragamo, inspired by the Kew Gardens park in London (the city where she lived for almost two years), she decided to found his own brand in which values ??such as ethics and ecology converge, with particular attention paid to natural dyes. The collections are, in fact, made with GOTS certified fabrics (organic textile certification), the pigments are extracted from flowers and plants, the prints are handmade with the eco-printing technique, and everything is strictly sewn in Italy by craftsmen. . The idea
of this project stems from the need to dress the human body in highly refined garments, which contain poetry and which marry with a spiritual ideal of fashion designed for women who love beauty and who feel themselves, precious creatures of the universe, of the space, of the Nature that hosts us and that we must respect and take care of.

Cristiano Ferilli, the founder of the Ferilli Wyewear brand, spends years searching for the right formula to create his glasses, with an ambitious project and an intuition: using prickly pear plants as a raw material. An element inextricably linked to the Apulian territory. The first collection of Ferilli Eyewear, called Sikalindi, offered a limited edition of handcrafted frames in olive wood, birch and prickly pear fibre. No one had ever made glasses in barbed pear blades, which remains exclusive to the brand. The Salento theme is a strong point for all collections: the fundamental concept of Aeras (Aria in Griko dialect), the second collection launched in 2020, with very light frames. And also the new KliMa collection, released in May 2022, features a unique mix of new materials, including acetate.

ID.EIGHT is a brand of sustainable Made in Italy sneakers, unisex, cruelty-free, and made with materials derived from food industry waste, such as apple peels, grape stalks and peels, and pineapple leaves. Born in 2019 by the South Korean stylist Dong Seon and the Italian product manager Giuliana Borzillo, aware of the environmental problems afflicting the sector, Dong Seon and Giuliana decided to trace a path of positive change in the world of fashion by designing a startup that addresses waste of resources. The formula is: to combine circular innovation technology with historic local manufactories for a casual and genderless design, with
references to the colours and aesthetics of the 90s.

Krocette was born from an intuition: to reuse fruit waste and treat it with natural processes, to obtain an innovative material sustainable from an economic and environmental point of view. The result is the first vegetable alternative leather, a material with the same precious texture as leather but completely biodegradable and cruelty-free. 100% Made in Italy, within its creations Krocette blends product aesthetics with production ethics so as not to impose any renunciation, but the choice is an authentic style.

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