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KARTHESIA gives to the design and construction world a valuable innovative opportunity.
The basis of Karthesia's modular system, which is legally protected by an international patent, consists of a finite number of elements (3 basic types, with a honeycomb structure of 9 elements), which can be produced in different materials and sizes, and with which virtually any construction work can be designed and realised.
The advantages deriving from the application of this solution are:
• FLEXIBILITY: it allows infinite combinations (thanks to the assembly methods for sliding coupling and in the total absence of traditional connections and / or joints), for simple and complex applications (thanks to the possibility of creating reticular and honeycomb systems).
• SIMPLICITY OF DESIGN, TRANSPORT, ASSEMBLY AND INSTALLATION: thanks to its own sliding and interlocking methods of the system, and to the well-known design procedures, it allows a rapid and reliable design activity, punctual identification of components, efficient transport organization , standard and well-defined methods of implementation.
• REVERSIBILITY: its specific assembly method allows, if necessary, a simple and easy disassembly and removal of the structure, to restore the previous state (useful for temporary structures, such as for events).
• REUSE: the absence of traditional joints and the flexibility of the system allows the total reuse of all components.
• RELIABILITY: the known mechanical characteristics of the components, and the modular design, allow to achieve high structural performance characteristics, which can also be easily estimated in the design phase.
• SUSTAINABILITY: the absence of disposal material constitutes a value for sustainability and attention to the environment.
KARTHESIA is therefore ready and able to identify innovative solutions for each application in the field of buildings, stable or temporary, small or large, nationally and internationally.

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