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Agevoluzione Srls - Camera di Commercio di Pavia

Agevoluzione Srls - Camera di Commercio di Pavia

AGEvoluzione is an innovative SME that develops cutting-edge projects in the digital field by exploiting the enormous potential of the Internet and the most modern wireless technologies.
We specialize in offering customized IoT solutions for environmental monitoring, improvement of living comfort and energy saving.
NORBi is an IoT pill dispenser for managing drug administration. It allows you to enter therapies via APP on mobile devices following the programmed dosage and notify caregivers about the outcome of the administrations.
NORBi It can be easily integrated on telemedicine platforms to offer complete remote assistance solutions.
MediActive is a multisensor IoT device (Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Air Quality, Noise, Brightness, movement) used to improve comfort and implement energy saving strategies both in the workplace, in the home and in the medical field.

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  C.20 (pav. C) - Agevoluzione Srls - Camera di Commercio di Pavia

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