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The project involves the design and creation of a low-cost game kit, which can be used as a learning support for sign language (or other languages) for children who are deaf and deaf-blind. In this way, we can support this difficult teaching in a versatile and economical way.
The first step involves the scan and 3D modeling of a hand with open source software, that can be edited and printed in a quickly and cheaply way; later, we will create the pieces of kit game, using 3D printing. Of course, the kit will be tested directly by the children. A 3D-printed robotic hand controlled by servomotors and Arduino will be added later, with capability to interact with the kit.

MANIpolare per comunicare

Elena Dall'Antonia

Elena Dall’Antonia is graduated in Science and Multimedia Technology at the University of Udine. Currently, she is attending the Master in Multimedia Communication and Information Technology, and after the period of studies in Information Technology at the Alpen Adria Univeristaet of Klagenfurt, Elena has collaborated with the Trieste’s FabLab.
She is passionate about technology, video games, photography and 3D, but her greatest passions are music and cinema.

  P43 - ICTP Scientific FabLab (SciFabLab)

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