Exhibitors 2015

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Michele Sorgi, Enrico Maria Castaldo, Giacomo Salvemme, Gianlorenzo Sabatini, Lorenzo Martini, Mattia Olcuire, Francesco Mariotti.
"Il Bolide della Spesa" consists in creating a shopping cart motorized. To give life to the realization we used dismissed components. Its stability, because of …
  P21 - Il Bolide della Spesa

Roveti Fabio
It is an electric vehicle battery attached to the stroller that allows long walks in a totally ecological . I can 'use both mom and papa ' and the child is assu …

SoulRoboX® - Bertato Damiano & Marco Giacomelli
Shopper is a prototype of a cart follower to allows you to keep your hands free to do something else while carrying your heavy objects. Shopper uses infrared te …
  P46 - Shopper - Loyal Assistant
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