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Beste Ozcan, Valerio Sperati (ISTC - CNR)
It happens many times as part of a long, sometimes heart-breaking, stories of children with autism having difficulties to communicate with their family. As such …
  O18 - +me: The multi-sensory wearable for children with autism

Valerio Bocci (Team Leader), Giacomo Chiodi, Francesco Iacoangeli, Massimo Nuccetelli, Luig Recchia
The necessity to use Photo Multipliers (PM) as light detector limited in the past the use of crystals in radiation handled device preferring the Geiger approach …

Paolo Bonelli, Domenico Cardinale, Mauro Alfieri, gruppo FB: CoScienza Ambientale
Co-Scienza Ambientale has the purpose to design and build low cost instruments that can monitor water environment and alert to pollution events. Two instrume …
  Z8 - Co-Scienza Ambientale: strumenti per il monitoraggio degli ambienti acquatici

Luca Randazzo, Roberto Rossi
Hubotics is a low-cost wearable actuated exoskeleton for at-home elbow rehabilitation of motor disabled people. The project is addressed to patients who need co …

Mattia Fabrizi (laureando), Tommaso Empler (relatore)
This installation is designed to improve Cultural Heritage communication through an interactive experience. The user, simply pointing out parts of the object of …

Maind program SUPSI
Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design SUPSI presents functioning prototypes of products, installations and services realized by the students and alum …
  L4 - Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design SUPSI

Cecilia Lalatta Costerbosa
A Responsive Surface is an architecture able to model its own shape in relation to contextual specific impulses. The surface shapes itself differently depending …
  P13 - Parametric Hybrid Wall

Mohammed Uthman Farah
It is portable electronic device to check the quality and type of Milk, Edible Oil and Honey with in few seconds using spectroscopy properties of the material, …

ROVINA consortium
ROVINA is a project for the exploration and digitization of archaeological underground sites, funded by the European Community. It aims at a more effective moni …

Francesco Iacoangeli , Gianluca Cavoto, Valerio Bocci, Giacomo Chiodi, Luigi Recchia
Particle beams used in the study of high energy physics or in nuclear medicine need to reconstruct their lateral profile by means of light, compact, easy-to-use …
  I11 - National Institute for Nuclear Physics

Skyward Experimental Rocketry
Our goal is to design, build and launch sounding rockets in order to analyze the upper part of the atmosphere. Our rockets are entirely manufactured by students …
  S3 - Skyward Experimental Rocketry

FP7 SUNRISE. Project coordinator: Prof. Chiara Petrioli
Creating the ‘Internet of Underwater Things’ is a crucial challenge that is strategic to the future of humanity. Thanks to the international project FP7 SUN …
  Z7 - SUNRISE: L'alba dell'Internet sottomarina

Paolo Perego, Stefano Lenzi, Sensibilab
The swimfit system can be located in the big area of sport devices. In general a sport devices is a tool that can help to assess if one or more training session …

Saji Hameed, Eugenio Realini, Shinya Ishida
Water vapour in the atmosphere slows down Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals. This observation has been used to infer precipitable water vapor (P …
  I5 - Tracking clouds and rain with low cost GPS chips

Andrea Petroni
With the recent advances in technology, the interest about underwater communications has hugely increased. The main activities that can be performed in the unde …
  Z2 - Underwater Acoustic Communications
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