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Marco Rampin
Common class D audio power amplifiers are based on semiconductor devices used as electronic power switches directly applying the power supply to the loudspeaker …
  V5 - AmpDiVa - Amplificatori Digitali Valvolari

Francesca Colonia e Giulia Nicolai di Betterpress
Betterpress is the name of our studio of traditional printing with movable type in Rome. It’s also the name of the research project that we carry out through …
  V16 - BetterPress

Fiorella Bonifacio + Smontatori
“Dismantle the TV and turn on an idea” is a creative manifestation against trash TV. It was born to make television audience develop a critical sense of how …
  Smonta il televisore - Dismantle the tv and turn on an idea

Gruppo collezionisti I-TELEX
The TELEX service: how it worked, how we bring it back to life in today's internet era with some extra features, like to send an email to a teleprinter and chat …

Zafar Iqbal
An interactive demonstration of a Turing Machine whereby programs and input parameters can be entered via buttons on its control panel. Programs to do simple a …
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