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FieldEffect Labs
Armstrong Glove is an interactive glove that detects hand movements with 8 degrees of freedom: 3-axis accelerations, 3-axis rotations, and the movement of two f …

Fab Lab Toscana
We dream about machines having a personality. We dream about a robotic painter that adds some personal touch to each of his paintings. That's what Bipolar graph …

Gloria Spagnolo, Emma Piccin, Tiziano Maffione
Colorize is an interactive installation that allows to learn (by playing) how Arduino, conductive paint, capacitive sensor and RGB led strip work: all the elect …
  U24 - FabLab Castelfranco Veneto + Treviso Arduino User Group

Simone Carcone, Alessandro Borelli
CubeCode is a tool that allows to learn code without using a computer, with all the possibilities of a real programming language. This is possible because we id …

FieldEffect Labs
A mirror with a number of features that accompany waking in the morning. While brushing your teeth, you can read the latest news, watch the weather and check yo …

Fabio Romoli
An object of design, born from the personal story and passion of the maker and the history of electronic analog technologies, mixed up with the actual digital …
  L5 - HORGONIC a fusion of art and technolgy

cristiano vanzolini, michele di berardino
The very first things a user look for - when in the metaverse - are his hands. This project aims to enable a full upper limb real time tracking for grasping obj …
  O1 - intentoVR dataglove - metaverse editor

@tamberg, @dr_m_kroll and other @iotzh members
The Internet of Things is quite a hype. We believe in bottom-up innovation of Internet-connected products and try to critically explore this new technology with …
  G38 - Internet of Things Zürich Showcase

Fabio Rapanelli
KidsPad is an interactive device for children , to learn about the digital world . Thanks to a basic and functional modules , such as the battery , input device …
  P32 - Creaticity FabLab Tolentino

Robin Baumgarten
Line Wobbler is a one-dimensional dungeon crawler game with a custom wobble controller made out of a door-stopper spring and a five meter long ultrabright LED s …
  U15 - Line Wobbler

Fab Lab Toscana
After last year success for Be Brave, our courage measuring machine which won us a Maker of merit badge, we decided to tackle an even more difficult challenge: …

Maind program SUPSI
Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design SUPSI presents functioning prototypes of products, installations and services realized by the students and alum …
  L4 - Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design SUPSI

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  L7 - HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands

Oktopod Studio, Milan Romic, Robert Kovacs, Branislav Tejic, Vojislav Milivojevic
Oktopod Studio is an open source development platform for mechatronics, robotics and automation, which enables creating and controlling low voltage electronic d …

Mirco Piccin, Chiara Piccin
OSCENO is a node based on the ESP8266 cheap wifi module, plus one or more NeoPixel. The node is able to create an own wifi network, or to connect to an existent …
  U24 - FabLab Castelfranco Veneto + Treviso Arduino User Group

Eward Hage, Ernst de Bruijn, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands
No fire, chemicals or dangerous materials. This frame is very sturdy and people will be hanging from it. It's able to easily bear the weight of multiple people, …

Eward Hage and Kevin Derksen of HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands
Para Parachute is a virtual reality parachute simulator. We combine the force between gaming and a physical installation. The concept: The concept is to levita …
  L7 - HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands

Academy 2015 Frosinone
Fab Lab Frosinone presents all projects designed by its students during the Fab Academy course 2015. To receive the Diploma of Fab Academy students faced a wide …
  Y18 - Progetti Fab Academy 2015

Christian Fenu, Tancredi Meli
Goal sensor and electronic scorer applied to table football; Goal sensor erasing any human mistakes during score calculation
  U14 - Rilevatore di goal e segnapunti elettronico applicato al calciobalilla

Giovanni Bindi, Fabrizio Guglielmino, Giacomo Leonzi
Self-O-Matic è una fotocamera web per eventi e campagne social. Gli utenti generano gli autoscatti premendo il pulsante. La camera scatta la fotografia e la pu …
  Y1 - Self-O-Matic

Team di Robotica dell'ITIS Galilei di Roma
Galilei Robotic team, presents his robots winners of world competition Robocup Junior 2014 There will be presentations and robot live performances. Robots, …
  C11 - Soccer Light Robot

Noor Hage of HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands
1. There are two holes user puts there hands in on either side of the ball. 2. Then the hands will be detected by the object and light sup 3. They will fee …
  L7 - HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands

Michele Semeghini, Massimo Cicorella
Swarm Constructability is about innovative building processes enabled by a swarm of independent mini-robots which self-organize through luminescent footprints t …

TACTO is an interactive table, equipped with sensors who collect and translate actions and gestures in sound. This happens through simple contact with the user' …

Concetta Cucchiarelli e Stefano Di Pietro
Terpsìphoné is an interactive floor that ampifies and elaborates the sound of movement made on it. The aim is to find a connection between movement and sound, …
  P12 - Terpsìphoné: pavimento interattivo.

Videix Pierre & Juif Simon
Visual artistic creation. This is to control a spatial world creates 3D PLA. Faced with a UFO that you will only move through your body movements. Artists use t …

Zafar Iqbal
An interactive demonstration of a Turing Machine whereby programs and input parameters can be entered via buttons on its control panel. Programs to do simple a …

Giacomo Falaschi
I am really interested in creating a modular project and in experimenting with different harware interfacing with each other. My idea is to build a project made …

Raffaello Colosimo, Antonio Panebianco, Filippo Braucci.
YOU-GOAL is an automatic replay system for five a side football, to review goals and highlights after the match. Just like on TV! You will not miss any action, …
  You-Goal - You-Goal - Highlight Yourself

Ferdinando Perone
Ywatch is the first PHCD (PERSONAL HEALTH, SECURITY AND COMMUNICATION DEVICE). Based on Android OS, with integrated sensors and sim, Ywatch is able to continuou …
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