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Gregor Luetolf and the Crazy Rooster
The project was born in 2014 when we wanted to do a reliability test of the desktop printer Ultimaker 2. The aim was to build some big and pretty object, to sho …
  W4 - 1.90m Eiffel Tower in 3D

Giulio Bigliardi, Sofia Menconero
3D Virtual Museum is a collaborative web portal where can be admired 3D models of artworks from Italian museums and where can be downloaded the STL file of each …

Istituto di Biometeorologia del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR IBIMET)
An Arduino based sensor shield called "AirQuino" has been developed, dedicated to the monitoring of air quality (Noise, Humidity ,Temperature, CO2, O3, NO2, VOC …
  I10 - AirQuino: lo scorso anno un prototipo,quest'anno una realtà

Giovanni Trapella
This project is designed for the safety and visibility of cyclists and motorcyclists . It 's made with two Arduino boards and two wireless modules . A board wit …

Guglielmo Lisi
Bamboo Bici Lab is the Italian project that provides the knowledge and tools to build bamboo bicycles. Anyone will have the opportunity to create a customized b …

WASProject Team
Vertical Cultivation

Massi Mario e FabLab Pesaro
Eco dog is a mechanical tool to collect dog droppings. It is a patented tool that performs its function allowing the user to collect the excrement in a hygienic …
  D6 - Eco dog: un raccogli "pupù" per il tuo cane

Mattia Fabrizi (laureando), Tommaso Empler (relatore)
This installation is designed to improve Cultural Heritage communication through an interactive experience. The user, simply pointing out parts of the object of …

Cecilia Lalatta Costerbosa
A Responsive Surface is an architecture able to model its own shape in relation to contextual specific impulses. The surface shapes itself differently depending …
  P13 - Parametric Hybrid Wall

WASProject Team
Maker Economy The BigDelta 12m was a fundamental step to take, the innovation that will make this dream true. Over the past years WASP has made the idea of au …
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