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ITIS "M.Giua"- Cagliari Gruppo Hi-Lab Studenti: Matteo Monni e Emma Bordigoni. Referente: prof. Antonello Zizi
The children's anti-abandonment system is composed by one or more sensors, one electronic device and can include one or more additional modules able of activa …
  C26 - 4LIFE: Sistema anti abbandono involontario bambini in auto

AURAT-I.I.S. "C.Facchinetti"
AURAT it's a team of students that make a robotics shows. Our strength is the team work that it allowed us to grow up,our passion has involved our hosts subject …
  C13 - AURAT

Classe IVA Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico Aldo Moro Passo Corese, Rieti
The project implements an automated system to monitor and optimize the garbage collection. An Ultrasonic ranging module HC - SR04connected to Arduino Yun, allow …
  C18 - Automazione e Ambiente

Liceo S.S. "E.Fermi"
The project brings pediatric robotics in the hospital. This is a highly innovative program because there is no similar use of NAO with children in hospital. NAO …
  C15 - Baby Goldrake

CLASSE 4° ITI - IIS VOLTA DI NUORO prof Gianfranco TORE docente di Elettrotecnica ed Elettronica
The vinification machine BINUBONU2013 is exploited in wine cellars for the automated analysis of red wines fermentation in micro vinification and quality vinifi …
  C8 - BINUBONU 2013

the Spacetrip
Buzzi Space Trip is a school project made by a group of students that are in the 5th class of the information technology address of the ITS Tullio Buzzi in Prat …
  C30 - Buzzi Space Trip - Un'avventura spaziale

ITI "MEDI" - San Giorgio a Cremano
How many times have knocked on the door and you were not in the house? This intercom is connected to your phone alerting you that someone is looking for you. Al …
  C19 - Citofono intelligente

Marco (fancy name) is an autistic boy who attends our school, the IPSIA "F. Corridoni" in Corridonia (MC). Marco cannot speak and cannot even use the I-Pad b …
  C31 - Comunicatore per ragazzi autistici

I.I.S. "C. Rosatelli" di Rieti
Project work : "From the attic to the lab", created by IIS "C. Rosatelli . It is about the reuse of old toys, that digital natives account as uninteresting, …
  C23 - Dalla soffitta al laboratorio

Matteo Petrangeli e Leonardo pace. Appartenenti al FabLab dell'itis M.Faraday
The project that we will bring is Domopet, an automated kennel for our animals. The microcontroller will distribute food and water to the animal during certain …

ITI-LS "Francesco Giordani" Caserta - Trasporti e Logistica, costruzione del mezzo: aereo. Il gruppo è stato coordinato dal Prof. Francesco Colussi e dall' A.T. Alessandro Giliberti.
The drones disposable , designed and manufactured in our Technical Institute by the pupils of specialization construction of the medium : air , unmanned aircraf …
  C28 - Droni monouso per missioni umanitarie

Prof Daniele Pauletto
Multicopters equipped drones as speakers that can create different applications, such as Guides experienced in our city (Castelfranco Veneto Italy). The drones …

C.F.P. Centromoda Canossa
Fashion captures the challenge of the future . How will be the clothes of the future? What are they going to do? Everyday at CMC we try to give the answer
  C2 - Fashion FabLab

classe 5 BT, I.I.S. Marconi Dalmine
The Fresh Box is the project of an appliance designed to extend the shelf life of food through two technologies : refrigeration and partial vacuum . The applian …
  C9 - Fresh Box

IIS Volterra-Elia Ancona Davide Carboni, Alessandro Carra
iBin: automatic bin for separate waste collection that can facilitate it for older and disable people and any other user. iBin is characterize by 2 cylindrical …
  C1 - iBin

Gruppo 4, ITS Meccatronico Vicenza
What we decided to do is an economic version of the "Segway". We totally built the veicle from zero, beginning from an alluminium chassis and a couple of scoote …
  C27 - ITS-Way

Scuola IIS Ettore Majorana di Cesano Maderno
KORAA EM15 is a wheeled inspection robot that was created to work in dangerous places as precarious buildings or places where there are gases or toxic and dange …
  C12 - KORAA EM15

I.T.T. "G.Marconi" Campobasso - M@P Group
In recent years (School year 2012/2013) inside the subject denominated Technology,Drawing and Design aimed to the production of a musical band completely robo …
  C7 - L'elettronica in musica - Chitarra robot

Desk lamp with LED RGB , with possibility to adjust the color and brightness by remote control and via smartphones . With 2 speakers that reproduce music direct …
  C3 - Lampada Colour Sound Light

Device capable of improving road safety, consisting of an intelligent signal capable of showing a speed limit that varies according to weather conditions. it co …
  C24 - Off Limits

The project is a "hands on minds on" peer education activity: Liceo Pepe's students become tutors of experimental physics, through the use of robots Lego Mindst …
  C14 - Roboticsness: gymnasium mentis

4° I, IIS-IT G.Marconi.
Innovation in teaching, the smart class is a class futuristic self-sufficient in terms of energy, that improves learning and distorts the stereotype of class cl …
  C20 - Smart Class 2.0

Team di Robotica dell'ITIS Galilei di Roma
Galilei Robotic team, presents his robots winners of world competition Robocup Junior 2014 There will be presentations and robot live performances. Robots, …
  C11 - Soccer Light Robot

IT Archimede - gruppo alunni di classi diverse
Many patients with ALS completely lose their ability to speak and to use their hands. ThinkIt can get them communicating and becoming more independent. A BCI de …
  C16 - Think-It

Our company designs to protect the safety at work and private, for example within a nucleus familiare.L'obiettivo is to ensure the design and realization of tec …
  C25 - Top Safety System JA

Luca Maccioni - Classe 5^ Elettronica e Robotica - IIS Sarrocchi - Siena
It’s a large interactive board, with a translucent surface, composed of 8x12 LED coloured squares. Each square has an RGB light source that creates a var …
  C6 - Un tavolo di luci con cui giocare

Vallauri A.H.R. team
The VAHR (Vallauri Air Hockey Robot) is a table version of an Air Hockey with a robotic game opponent playing with different difficulty levels. Based on an open …
  C5 - Vallauri Air Hockey Robot

studenti del ITS Aerospazio/Meccatronica sede locale di Fossano
a simple mechanism to balance a ball with the "strength of sight" of the camera placed at one end
  C21 - visionary balance
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