Exhibitors 2015

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Giovanni Alli, Sergio Savaresi, Ivo Boniolo, Paolo Lisanti
BIKE+ all in one is an innovative electric powertrain that allows you to save up to 40% of the oxygen with no needs to charge the batteries, thanks to a patente …

Fablab Venezia Team
Metaball Table è un tavolo sperimentale. La modellazione solida è basata su un algoritmo di disegno generativo parametrico, che consente di generare conti …
  Metaball Table

Fablab Sardegna Ricerche
We propose a group of projects that reflects regional traditions of Sardinia , some of them are very ancient. These projects try to reproduce some local traditi …
  Tradition and Technology in Sardinia

Matteo Zugnoni
With over two centuries of evolution of the bicycle has accompanied man in an important technological growth where tradition and innovation are often linked. If …
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