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Andrea Boldi
Nemesi Oro and Pronto 3D are two companies devoted to the use of 3D printing and innovative technologies in Made in Italy product, particularly jewels. Pronto 3 …
  D22 - 3D design and printing in high end jewelry

Conny's Kreations
La continua ricerca di innovazione in una tecnica classica e antica come le vetrate delle cattedrali e delle lampade Tiffany, mi porta a sperimentare sempre nuo …
  D18 - Circuiti Tiffany

Fabrizia Petrillo, Federica Massi, Cristina Reggioli
Born in November 2010 as an experimental project about laser cutting on acrylic sheets, it grows thanks to the enthusiasm of its creators, a team of female de …
  D17 - En=Joy Gioielli

JeS-Titanium Design is an Italian brand borns in 2011. Inspired from traditional application of titanium in aeronautical and racing the jewel becomes a geometr …
  D20 - Fedi nuziali e gioielli in titanio

Biancamaria Marchioro
When you build a 3D printer the first things that you'll print are cubes. You need them to understand if the machine is calibrated. My first results were more o …
  D21 - Handcraft porcelain jewels from 3D print

DE.sign creates a line of accessories that reveal a visceral empathy with one material, epoxy resin, and a search into its unexplored aesthetic potential. Every …
  D19 - L'effetto della resina epossidica nel design
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