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Marco Raggi, Davide Clocchiatti, Matteo Crispo, Diego Mestroni, Fabio Pirioni
Leonardo is a new device that allows you to recharge your smartphone in a secure manner. It was designed to be placed in public locations for the convenience of …
  F17 - Charge Box LEONARDO by Phone Italia

Andrea Sartori, Stefano Lascialfari, Massimo Cicorella, Livio Talozzi
Cubotto è un oggetto dal design ergonomico, che consente l’ utilizzo della videochiamata a persone che hanno difficoltà con la tecnologia digitale. Il sis …

iTòch – un tòch da legn/a piece of wood What is it? iTòch is a natural sound system amplifier, optimized for iPhone. It works without any batteries, any …
  F6 - iTòch acoustic amplifier

Angelo Savarino
The LDRM 868 is a long distance radio controller. It is a customizable product which can give a lot of technical solutions in terms of long distances radio iss …
  K5 - LDRM 868 - Long distance radio messenger/actuator (868 Mhz - 6Km)

With LiFi, creating the light as a service - communication through the light LiFi is a new optical wireless communication using LED lighting to send numerical d …
  F19 - OLEDCOMM Internet by light !
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