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Reon Studio / Claudio Bianchi
Arwald is an autonomous video system on cable developed for a GoPro usage. The System has been developed to record time-lapse videos. Furthermore it can be used …
  W11 - ARWALD - Sistema di ripresa foto e video su cavo autonomo e programmabile.

Giulio Limongelli
I am an Artisan Photographer from 1985 and I want my work to stay artisanal. I modified an anolag enlarger to digital . I called it DIGINGRANDITORE and so I ca …

Roberto Tino
Telesio is a motorized support for cameras that allow the operator to perform shooting in Time-Lapse making a rotation of 360 °. The project started with a fir …

Enrico Magnoni - Andrea Cassinis
System Quick hook to various accessories, such as attached to drone to turn it into a gimbal. With an "accessory handle" becomes a Steadycam,and much more.
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