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Giovanni Trapella
This project is designed for the safety and visibility of cyclists and motorcyclists . It 's made with two Arduino boards and two wireless modules . A board wit …

Guglielmo Lisi
Bamboo Bici Lab is the Italian project that provides the knowledge and tools to build bamboo bicycles. Anyone will have the opportunity to create a customized b …

HERE IoT Forum
Many of us at HERE are makers at heart. A few of us decided to create a side project called the Bike Navigation. This is a companion device to a phone designed …

Giovanni Alli, Sergio Savaresi, Ivo Boniolo, Paolo Lisanti
BIKE+ all in one is an innovative electric powertrain that allows you to save up to 40% of the oxygen with no needs to charge the batteries, thanks to a patente …

Riccardo Ricci, Andrea Mazza
Byxee is an advanced vision system device that use artificial intelligence algorithms to detects hazards and irregularities on the road before you get there. By …
  J23 - Byxee - the first smart active safety device for bikes

Bosatta Stefano, Bosatta Silvio, Davie Coira, Furio Bellorofonte, Michele Sancassani
Inspiration, passion and 20 years of experience are the key ingredients behind project “SteSil Bike”. Our skills in matter of 3D design and high-precision …

DRT designs and produces spare parts for enhancing the performance of legendary motorcycles like Vespa, Lambretta and the likes.
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