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Davide Imperatori
The use of Festo pneumatic pistons , interfaced to the Arduino via solenoid valves , allows a good alternative to common linear actuators ... but getting more s …
  F10 - aPneumatic, Labduino

Andrea, Leonardo, Valerio
V-Slot are revolutionary linear motion system, with v-slot system the guides become the structure of machine. is a simple but innovative system, aluminum profil …
  R9 - hardware meccanico per makers

Davide Imperatori
Labduino is proposed as an idea that open source allows anyone to have on hand all the instruments of an electronic laboratory , which both hobbyists or profess …

Impellizzeri Francesco
It is a device capable of shooting of neodymium magnets without using electric power, chemical or other to the exclusion of the magnetic field. of simple constr …
  K8 - Lanciatore magnetico
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