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Sara Vignoli_FabLab Sassari
The project starts from the opportunity to use 3d printing tools for bio-architecture, in order to bring “ a bit of Nature” in our city. These modu …
  P4 - 3D elements of nature

Andrea Sartori, Stefano Lascialfari, Massimo Cicorella, Livio Talozzi
Cubotto eÌ€ un oggetto dal design ergonomico, che consente l’ utilizzo della videochiamata a persone che hanno difficoltaÌ€ con la tecnologia digit …

Hackspace Catania
" DART " it's an Open Hardware Midi Controller , based on Arduino . Designed by hackspace Catania it is addressed to the world of musicians , DJs , producers , …
  G27 - Dart - Open Hardware midi controller

FabLab Genova
We found a way to express our passion for skiing even during the warm season. We moved from the slopes to our FabLab and started crafting our tools exploring th …

Fablab Sardegna Ricerche
We propose a group of projects that reflects regional traditions of Sardinia , some of them are very ancient. These projects try to reproduce some local traditi …
  Tradition and Technology in Sardinia
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