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TryeCo 2.0 srl
3eco aims to market a material 3D printers consumer derived from regeneration that preserves the performance characteristics required. This will give a positive …

ArcheoDigitalDesign borns in order to improve the use and knowledge of cultural heritage thanks to analysis tools, data processing, 3D modeling, 3D printing and …
  F16 - Design for Craft

Prototype-Factory, Robotfactory
Copperface is a galvanic cell, easy to use to coat the 3D printed objects surfaces with metal, This for aesthetic or functional needs. The metallisation proces …

Ewe Industries
Era3DPrinter is Ewe Industries' brand new FFF delta printer, ready to use with no need to assemble anything. Era is suitable for newbie as well as for experienc …
  F5 - Ewe Industries

Ewe Industries
Ewe Filament Extruder is a tools that allows you to transform plastic pellets and other raw materials in plastic filament. The responsible use of materials used …
  F5 - Ewe Industries

Extrudr - Johannes Früh, Marco Deapoli, Moritz Begle
We are a small start up located in the western part of Austria called Extrudr. Extrudrs goal is to develop and produce high quality filaments made in the europ …

Luciana Ciceri - Antonio Berera
FILOALFA is an innovative product of Ciceri De Mondel, founded in 1917 and on the plastics market as a producer of extruded sheets in PST, ABS and SAN for over …
  F12 - FILOALFA by Ciceri de Mondel

Giuseppe Manzone, Paolo Toldo, Roberto Toldo
Koperfil is an extruder suitable for those who need to produce much 3D filament in a short time. With its two independent extruders, it can produce at least 2kg …
  F3 - Koperfil - the plastic maker

Experimentation of innovative processes, materials and finishing on personal products made with 3D printers. It will be presented from one side, different solut …
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