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BioPic "Your little garden in the big city" - Orto a LED in Kit

BioPic is a layered LED organic vegetable garden for your home. And here is how it works: You receive a container with soil and a specific paper that contains organic seeds and fertilizer. You put this paper on the soil, switch on the red (blue & white) LED lights that come with your package, and with the help of a little water (common you are still trying to grow plants) your own organic veggies grow in no time! In your kitchen, living room or on your roof-terrace! And it’s not just cool to watch, it’s also healthy to eat them. Your home grown vegetables offer double the vitamins, as you can eat them within 3 hours of harvesting. Since no artificial chemicals are added, you’re even helping to bring back a little bio-diversity to the city! And….well…plants simply improve the air we breathe..

Renato Reggiani

Renato Reggiani developed BioPic with CEE program Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur in Rotterdam and Rome.

  B24 - BioPic "Your little garden in the big city" - Orto a LED in Kit

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