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Textile Shuttle
Textile Shuttle

Textile Shuttle

Using common Fab Lab's tools , we have created a loom . Typical tool of Sardinian's craftsmanship reinterpreted, at the maker faire will be made ​​available for download ( open source ) so you can hack and change the instrument in its entirety .

Textile Shuttle

Roberta Ciusa Designer, Paolo Gusai Tecnico Elettronico @ Fab Lab Nu :Mario Arcadu Modellatore, Paolo Descortes Grafico,

Roberta Ciusa , Product & habitat Designer is a project addicted.
Interaction between tradition & new technology is the key to develop something new.
Mario Arcadu, Media Designer & Junior director .
Paolo Decortes , Graphic designer & Illustrator.
Paolo Gusai, Electronic Technician,

  N4 - Textile Shuttle

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