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Wa.Sa.Dro. – Water Sampling Drone
Wa.Sa.Dro. – Water Sampling Drone

Wa.Sa.Dro. – Water Sampling Drone

The need for this alternative sampling system rose from the necessity to be able to capture water samples from superficial bodies of water that would be difficult or dangerous to reach otherwise, hence lowering cost for the Client and risk for the Consultant. WA.SA.DRO. (Water Sampling Drone) is an automatic sampling system for superficial waters that can be carried by any drone with a minimum payload of 1.5 kg.

Wa.Sa.Dro. – Water Sampling Drone

Giuseppe Pesce e Chato Della Casa

Giuseppe Pesce is an Environmental Studies grad currently working as a consultant for RES (Reliable Environmental Solutions) where he mainly works on experimental equipment prototypes based on the Arduino process, environmental consultancy and education and anaerobic digestion.

Chato Della Casa holds university degree in Environmental Science and is licensed landscape architect. He is a self-educated programmer of industrial and Arduino-based platform and he mainly works on designing, automating and managing anaerobic digestion plants and experimental equipment.

  S4 - Wa.Sa.Dro. – Water Sampling Drone

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