Exhibitors 2015

intentoVR - metaverse editor
intentoVR - metaverse editor

intentoVR - metaverse editor

The very first things a user look for - when in the metaverse - are his hands. This project aims to enable a full upper limb real time tracking for grasping objects, and editing the metaverse, bringing the unique feeling of being there. Ready for the red pill?

intentoVR - metaverse editor

cristiano vanzolini, michele di berardino

Born in Rimini April 5 1969
Attended a Scientific College in Rimini from 1984-1988
Got a Master's degree in Computer Science com laude at Bologna University in 1993
Been in the Navy teaching CS at Accademia Navale - Livorno Italy
CEO at VANZOTECH srl since 2011 (developing web app and 3d web experience)
Fan of 3d stuff

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