Exhibitors 2015

SoulRoboX®: Innovation - Robot - Prototypes

Shopper is a prototype of a cart follower to allows you to keep your hands free to do something else while carrying your heavy objects. Shopper uses infrared technology to track the user through a transmitter placed on the belt. There is also a version that instead uses a 3D camera to detects the physiognomy of the user without using the transmitter. Shopper will be used in shopping malls, in airports, industrial storage and so on.

SoulRoboX®: Innovation - Robot - Prototypes

SoulRoboX® - Bertato Damiano & Marco Giacomelli

Marco and Damiano, students of Vicenza, 22 and 23 years old. Graduates in electronics and telecommunications at ITIS A. Rossi in Vicenza. Great fans of robots and electronics, achieved excellent results in school robotics competitions under 19. In 2013, decide to found their own brand "SoulRoboX" to develop prototypes and innovative robots.

  P46 - Shopper - Loyal Assistant

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